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2019  Sei anders, sei du selbst 

Jolly Kunjappu set for himself the objective of leading a free, self-determined and happy life. In doing so, he was confronted with considerable challenges. He never refrained from facing the many obstacles that arose, and courageously and purposefully sought solutions to reach his goal in life: to live in a free, self-determined and happy manner. He describes in this book the steps that were necessary to reach this state. He admits that the path was not easy, but the journey was ultimately worthwhile – he now sees himself as a fulfilled person. Jolly Kunjappu wants to encourage the readers of this book to pursue their very own path to a fulfilled life. Take inspiration.

»In search of myself, I was confronted above all with two major questions: Where do I want to go? How do I succeed in realising myself? It soon became clear to me that, in order to find apposite answers to these questions, I must first understand what had shaped me. I began to analyse how I had become what and who I am. My life entailed a succession of developments, which I recognised as seven different phases: The 7 Phases of En- and Unwrapping.

This realisation opened my eyes and helped me to assume self-responsibility. As I came to understand what had formed me, I knew how I would proceed in order to have a joyful future before me. And, I was successful in this. I became step-by-step master of my own life. Consequently, I offer in the following the perceptions of  The 7 Phases of En- and Unwrapping.«

Sei anders, sei du selbst / Inspirationen für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben,
German edition 

180 pages 
Swiss brochure 
Publisher Scorpio Verlag in der Europa Verlage GmbH 
ISBN 978-3-95803-307-8


2020  Be Different, Be Yourself  

»This book will inspire you to take your life into your own hands and live a free andself-determined life without blaming anybody or your own past. Don’t wait for changes, make the changes. Don’t wait for the changes to influence you, influence the changes. Don’t wait for the world to come to you, go to the world.«

Be Different, Be Yourself: Inspirations for a self-determined life
English edition 
120 pages 
Editor and Publisher Notion Press
ISBN 9781648287480



Jolly Kunjappu uplifts or provokes the audience and many around him with thoughts like these. Roaming through the world he is constantly collecting experiences which are reflected in his philosophy and are convincing through the way he engages in his manifold passions. If you have ever searched for someone who lives what he thinks you will make a good choice taking Kunjappu‘s concise thoughts to heart. If you dare to delve into Ask an Answer you must be aware that you may end up turning your conception of the world upside down. Nevertheless, with courage, respect and humour you will get back on your feet and in the best case set out on a new path.

While searching for the purpose of life Jolly Kunjappu asks himself many questions. For many of them he receives answers and thus gains knowledge about himself and society. Being involved and at the same time being an observer, he begins to write down his thoughts.

Ask an Answer is a targeted selection from extensive notes and manuscripts with varying themes that originated throughout more than four decades. In this original edition for English and German readers Jolly Kunjappu presents his views, visions and utopias in literary short forms. His paintings illustrate each chapter. Ask an Answer provides insights into the way of thinking of a multi-talented artist, who follows his inner voice. 

ASK AN ANSWER / Epigrams, Lyrics, Prose and Paintings
In English and German language 
86 pages 
Swiss brochure 
ISBN 978-3-00-050482-2