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Colour Your World

»Painting helped me to transform my thoughts and hidden intuitions into colours and forms.

When I stand in front of a paper or canvas, I have no idea where my brush and colours will lead me. I simply go with the flow and let it happen. When the painting reaches a stage it tells me it’s done. This is a moment of a pleasant surprise to me.

All the encounters with many different cultures and nature captured by my eyes reflect in my paintings.

All the works of many adorable artists I viewed in many museums and galleries worldwide ignited an urge in me to paint on my own.

I am humbly thankful to all of them for their inspirations.

My painting Dancing to Freedom / No more wars. no more walls, a united world on the Berlin wall, East Side Gallery which is now a monument will stay a touching experience in my life.

As a freedom and peace lover, I wanted to inspire people all over the world to come together and do their best to live on this planet earth with respect and peace with each other valuing nature and all its living beings.«

Jolly Kunjappu