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Making Music

Composing music, playing percussion instruments and producing albums

Jolly Kunjappu has composed ballet music, working with the Columbian-American dancer and choreographer Yanis Pikieris, for the Bavarian State Opera and other prestigious opera houses.

He played as a guest musician for the Rolling Stones in 1975 at Giorgio Moroder’s Musicland Studios in Munich. The golden album It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll was handed over to him one year later.

»My music is influenced by many different cultures and the sounds of nature. From the beginning rhythm fascinates me and is a part of my life. Life starts with a heart beat and it ends with the last one. Between this there are many different rhythms.

In my music there is no particular direction, it changes to my rhythm of life.

Some of the instruments I play are Indian tablas, African djembes, South-American congas, pentatonic steel drums and vibraphones. I don’t limit myself by using conventional instruments. Any object could be used to make music, sounds and noises, like pots and pans or chairs and tables, with which my musical expression started as a young boy.«

Jolly Kunjappu


Published LP and CDs

Cover LP Jolly Kunjappu, "I love dancing"






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