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Performance Artist and Keynote Speaker

Through his keynote speeches Jolly Kunjappu wants to give his public an impuls and inspiration to improve their professional and personal life.

»The Wisdom which I’ve gained has come from lived learning experiences. In that way, I inspire myself and hope that I can help others to inspire themselves. This can be expressed in another way. It is the attempt to find oneself and to be oneself. Not to define oneself, for example, by meeting others’ expectations without acting from ones’ own convictions.«

»Being is the opposite of Appearance which so many people strive for. For example, there is the ideal of the successful or attractive person – an inflexible fantasy. It has nothing to do with Being and for most people it leads to frustration, especially when this ideal has been realized. One becomes imprisoned in it. Being on the contrary means freedom. It is not about an organization or even a business as such, but rather about people – I inspire people. Then, only when I am inspired am I able to inspire others around me whether it be colleagues, a partner, friends or relatives, basically anyone I come in contact with.«

Jolly Kunjappu